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Mash works on almost every website. It can be added in a few simple steps. Some features can also be used anywhere across the internet, from social profiles, link-in-bio sites, and even in-game streams. For developers, we have an SDK, NPM package and code-examples.

Web-builders, no-code, and beyond.

Mash supports a wide variety of platforms including the following. You can get started in just a few minutes, by adding a plug-in, or copying over a small snippet to your site.

Wordpress Plugin

Add Boosts, monetization blocks and more with the Mash Plugin for Wordpress.

Wix App

Add boosts, and more shortly by connecting Mash with the Mash Wix App.






Social networks and across the internet.

You can share links to your Mash Page, and add other monetization experiences in your profiles, link-in-bios and in-line in streams. These include a Lightning Address and QR code that can be used to get donations from most bitcoin wallets including Cash App.






Web frameworks and development platforms.

Mash works in all platforms that support Javascript. You can get started with our NPM package, SDK document, check-out live code examples, open-source templates and demos.

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