We only earn when you do.

You shouldn't have to pay for a service, unless it's worth it, and provides you significant value compared to the alternatives. Our pricing model is designed accordingly, including extra support for early adopters

Limited Availability

Mash is currently 100% free for early partners that go live.

It takes less than 15 minutes to start earning – give it a try and get free use of Mash while still available. Let us know when your'e launched and you'll get 6 months without any fees.

Future pricing

Shortly we'll be charging the following fees for those that aren't early users. Sending money from Mash to other wallets can incur small fees. These are not related to Mash, but rather using the decentralized network. They are minimal for most wallets.

Donations & Boosts

The first $2500 of donations are no-charge. After reaching that milestone, there is a 1% fee.


The first $2500 is no-charge. After reaching that milestone, there is a 5% fee on your earnings.


Select partners get additional development support, bespoke offerings or to be a launch partner for new experiences.

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