Usage based monetization that your users will love.

Finally a monetization model that makes sense for you and your users. Charge any amount per event, action and time – and get paid instantly. Remove the large-up-front purchase barrier for your users so they can get started or purchase that one thing and grow your business today.

Auto & one-click payments

Your users will love the experience – as they can auto-pay as-they enjoy without interruption, with full control of their money.

Any amount, flexible pricing

Charge any amount, have tiers, offer freebies to engage users. Reward users by providing free access after they spend a certain amount.

Ditch the Subscriptions

Convert more users by having them to pay-as-they-enjoy, rather than requiring a big upfront purchase decision. Any event, action or time.

Easier for you and your users

Free your time that was spent on sales and conversion material. Focus on your core product experience because purchase friction is gone.

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For tools and apps

Great for Image converters, screen-shot takers, social card downloaders, favicon makers, pdf convertors, calculators, trade & code evaluators and beyond.

For leisure games

Charge users for each play like an arcade, for multi-player, or for mods/boosts and special enhancements. Whether chess, trivia, or turn-based strategy. Get them engaged and add even more with contributions for any event.

Monetize any event or time.

Your experiences come in radically different shapes and sizes. Charge for any event and action that fits what you're building. Have pricing tiers for categories or options, provide freebies and more. Build out a completely customized experience.

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Start earning today

You can get up and monetizing your apps, tools and games before you know it with Mash. Set up your account, pricing and start building. See our developer docs, code examples, and NPM package to get up and running quickly.

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