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If you love working with curious, driven team that has an audacious mission, building + shipping fast, challenging people on their assumptions, and delivering outsized impact – there could be a great fit.

A bit about the team

We have spent years scaling start-ups, building out digital experiences and working at big tech. We are on a mission remonetize the internet – and increase the quality and breadth of experiences available. Mash is backed by top-tier investors, has tons of runway and is on an audacious mission.

Available Roles

Excited to join Mash, but don't see a role available below. Reach out to [email protected], share why you're interested, your ideal role, and what you've built + experimented with Mash along with other feedback that you have for the team. Highlight why you'll be a difference maker for remonetizing the internet.

Software Engineer

We’re looking for a problem solver and curious builder to join the team and help harden and build out our product suite. This includes shipping new experiences and improving current ones across the entire stack.


Web Engineer

We’re looking for a front-end and web expert to join the team to help improve Mash’s products. This includes expanding on our internal design system, developing new web component widgets for use on customer websites, working to optimize our web deployments, and hardening our JavaScript SDK.


CX Designer

The Mash team is expanding our design and CX efforts. We’re seeking a designer to help refine our products and create new ones. They’ll design, test, polish and launch new features, elaborate upon our identity and contribute to our cross-functional team dynamic.


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