The Appraisal of Extreme Fairness

Blogs13.11.2018 02:11


Things used to be much better in the old days, right? Gold coins, beautiful bills with pictures of presidents and heavy wallets. Money was hauled from store to store, passed from hand to hand and deposited into giant vaults to wait for the next trade. In fact, paying for something was actually kind of a costly and difficult chore. To be honest, that sounds pretty unfair. Was everything better in the old days after all?

The past is in the past. What used to be silver and gold is now gigabytes and numbers. Why should moving those around cause unfair costs? Well, it shouldn’t. In our view, paying should be free, fast and flexible. It should be fair.

Here is our promise to you:

Using Mash is free. Customers always get at least two interest-free weeks to pay for their purchases. For merchants the service is completely free. No registration fee, yearly fees or commissions. That’s fair.

Using Mash is fast. Whether paying at the corner store or online, with Mash it only takes a few seconds. Customers can make flexible purchases anytime and without the hassle of filling out forms. Merchants on the other hand are always paid within two business days after the sale. That’s fair.

Using Mash is flexible. Customers can choose whether to pay all at once with no interest or in flexible installments. We carry the financial risk for all Mash payments, and merchants are free to start and stop using the service whenever they want. That’s fair.

Free, fast and flexible. That’s our idea of being fair. Maybe some things are now better than they used to be.