Mash it, Mash it real good

Blogs03.07.2019 12:34


Remember the eighties? It was the decade of synth pop, shoulder pads, the first Apple computer, the first “mobile” phone and other bold ideas. We like this spirit of boldness, of not being afraid to try something different that you believe will make people’s lives better.

In our Mash it real good campaign we embrace this spirit and had the perfect opportunity to bring back one of the most iconic pieces of 80s culture since the Walkman.

So, what is our “bold” idea? It’s that you should have as much freedom as possible when you pay for your purchases. That’s it. Were it a new couch, a pair of sneakers or fixing your car, you should be able to handle the payment how you see best: now, later or in smaller parts. You decide. Mash it.

Mash it now

Invoice. Buy now, decide later
Will it fit my living room? Is this the right size? Was the delivery on time? Our interest-free extra time helps you make better decisions. We give you time to think it through and try out your purchases before the final decision. At zero cost.

Mash it later

Installment. Big purchases, flexible payments.
Pay now or later? You decide. We provide you extra flexibility, so you can pay conveniently in your own time. After making the purchase, you can decide from the comfort of your home whether to pay everything in one go or in flexible installments.

Mash it real good

Credit Account. Your life, with more possibilities.
New TV or a holiday trip? Now there’s a pickle. Of course, you could choose both with a Mash credit account. By opening a credit account, you can extend Mash’s benefits to all aspects of your life.

Next time you buy something, Mash it.