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Financial freedom.
Made simple.

Introducing a better way to get what you want, when you want it, on your terms.


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Buying what you want should make you feel good. That means putting you in control of how you pay. We want to give people the flexibility, speed, and peace of mind that empowers their financial success.


A Seamless Future

Tomorrow’s purchases won’t be dictated by plastic cards, pin codes or deep pockets. It will be powered by technology working behind the scenes, making every transaction seamless, flexible and worry-free.

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Clarity Equals Confidence

We believe that trust is born out of transparency. No hidden fees. No fine print. Setting your own terms. And knowing exactly what you can expect. Empowerment and peace of mind—that’s how we measure success.

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investing in transparency

Investing in Transparency

Our investors believe as we do, that transparency, fairness and good, ethical service will drive the markets of the future. We intend to give consumers and businesses the payment solutions they need to govern their financial success.

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Interest-free. Without the risk.

We teamed up with Verifone to offer consumers 14 days of interest-free credit at zero risk to partnering online and offline retailers.
Mash Verifone

How To Mash



Our ecommerce payment solution helps businesses create better online checkout experiences, offer credit for new customer groups, improve customer service, and achieve significant growth.

  • Mash integrates into most eShopping platforms and individual eCommerce service providers.
  • Customers choose whether to pay for their purchases by invoice or installments.
  • Mash takes care of identification, onboarding, credit-scoring, payment and invoicing in seconds.
  • Pre-registered customers enjoy a credit limit of up to EUR 10,000.

Point of Sale

Mash partnered with Verifone to give merchants and customers a pay-by-ID option at checkout.

  • Mash is made available through the merchant’s Verifone device.
  • Customers choose Pay-by-Invoice and enter their social security number.
  • Mash verifies their credit rating in real-time and approve purchases up to EUR 3,000.
  • Customers enjoy 14-days interest-free.
  • Merchants receive immediate payment.
  • Mash bears the credit risk.
  • When they receive their invoice, customers decide whether to pay in instalments or apply for a credit limit up to EUR 10,000.


Mash is owned and operated by Euroloan Group Plc. The Investor information presented here relates to Euroloan Group Plc. The sustainability and scalability of the Group’s business model is reflected in the table below.

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