Magical donations like never before.

The fastest way for your users to support you, your contributors and friends – anywhere, for any amount. No entering credit cards every time or minimum amounts. Get paid instantly – seriously.

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One-click & instant payment

Instant donations of $0.05 available for users at their fingertips.

Across the internet

Your site, social media profiles, embedded in content and more.

Bitcoin native options

Be on the cutting edge with your own lightning address, QR code and more.

Usage based donations

Let your users donate per use of your product or page views.


The fastest and easiest way to get instant donations possible. One-click-instant-tips from your users. Multiple designs & animations to fit your vibe. Add to your site in less than a few minutes.

Bitcoin Lightning Donations

Join the decentralized money experience. Let your users with other Bitcoin Lightning wallets, like CashApp, support you at the speed of Lightning. Great for your site, social networks, link-in-bio pages, or embedded in your videos on YouTube or Twitch.

Mash Pages

Four types of donations, on a personalized pre-built page for you to get support from your social profiles, link-in-bio accounts and more. And lots more coming soon!

Usage based donations

Ask your users to donate any amount for the action you choose – matching their enjoyment with when they support you. And, you remove the commitment barrier of one-time donations.

Donations & splits for your friends contributors.

Let your users support donations they love, right on your site with an easy to add donations card. Or split the donations as desired for joint-created content & experiences.

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