Develop on Mash

For developers, we're working to make it as easy as possible to earn for completely new experiences – from the ground up with our SDK & APIs, an NPM package and live code-examples, demos. We also occasionally run tutorials at conferences.

Get started earning a brand new way.

You can charge for any action, event, time or usage. Charge any amount, or let users contribute optionally – any amount. Build apps that can be shared to the broader Mash community and more.

Set up Mash

Set up your pricing schemas, designs, and instructions to connect Mash to your site, web-app and tools.

NPM Package

Get started building fast with our NPM package

UI Components

Customizeable pre-built components with features to start earning.

Replit Code Examples

Explore demos, templates on Replit to get started.

Open Source

Access a variety of open-sourced tools & experiences provided & curated by Mash.

Mash Guides

Explore our guides for various products and out of the box use-cases.

Web frameworks and development platforms.

Mash works in all platforms that support Javascript. You can get started with our NPM package, SDK document, live code examples, open-source templates and beyond.

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